Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Runescape Bot - Download

This is a free bot client for runescape which has built in scripts such as 
AutoCutters, AutoFletchers, AutoFiremakers, AutoCookers, 
AutoFishers, AutoRunecrafters, AutoFighters, AutoMoneymakers etc.

This client also includes anti-random and anti-ban technology.
Bottings Tips:

1. Do not bot for more than 6-7 hours per day including breaks (recommended 1-3 hours of breaking). While this is completely optional, it is a very good idea since it's not very human-like to play hours and hours on end, and may throw up "red flags" for Jagex to investigate you.

2. Use breaks to immitate your normal playing style.

3. Do not bot in crowded areas.

4. Do not bot the same skill for days in a row without training a different skill.

5. Do not tell anyone you don't trust that you are botting.

6. Before you turn the bot off for a break, visit the GE, do a common "Unbotted" skill, and chat to your friends.

7. If botting for huge amounts of time, try to have a break for atleast 6 hours. Lets face it, people do play the game a lot for real, and do not sleep much, but everyone sleeps some.

8. If you do not like the auto responders that are available on some bots, turn it off.

9. Turn public chat off.

10. Bot on quickchat worlds.

11. Talk every now and then. Ask the people around you for their skill level, or message your friends.

12. Don't bot naked (without any gear on). This is often a common signature player mods look for and investigate.

13. Check in on your bot every now and then.

14. If you can, only bot on one account at a time. If you use more, make sure you don't run more than ONE account on a signed applet.

15. Use common sense. 

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